Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I have to apologize for abandoning this blog. Despite my good intentions I came to realize I just really didn't have time to be doing this. My 3 year old daughter had major ortho surgery in April 2010 and came home in a body cast and wheelchair for weeks. She needed a lot of physical therapy in the following months.  She had another double surgery with a difficult recovery in December 2010. We made the decision to move. It took a lot of work over a 6 month period to get our house ready to sell (it was an 1919 Craftsman Bungalow), pack, move, unpack and get readjusted to life.

In the time since I started this blog other digital scrapbook websites have taken off. If you happened to land here from the internet I'm sure you could find better resources now. If you are a friend or family I haven't given up scrapbooking completely but this blog isn't likely to see much action any time soon. I considered removing it, and still might but for now wanted to at least give an explanation for my disappearance.

Last spring I attended a scrapbooking event at Eileen's Scrap Studio (Where a group of about 8-10 ladies spend the entire day at her studio. You get your own work space and have lunch together.) and was very pleased to be voted best page for the day and won free attendance to one of her scrapbooking events in the future (which are really fun). I am no longer a Creative Memories consultant. I intended for CM to be a vehicle toward digital scrapbooking for hire but in reality it is a company geared more toward product sales which is not my thing. So if you are looking for a consultant I would recommend Eileen. Here is the link to her page. http://www.mycmsite.com/sites/eileenvierra. Life has been extra busy but I hope to be able to devote more time to scrapbooking this fall.

I still stand by the Creative Memories scrapbook software. It really is great. My oldest daughter (who is 10) has learned it herself and has been making random pages. This weekend we went and bought her an 8"x 8" album so she can print her creations at home and put them in a book. It will be fun to share this hobby.